FAQ for Ecards and Poems

AOL users~Email link not clickable

Create a hyperlink
If you are emailing a page to an AOL email user and they can't click on the link to view their card, you can make a clickable link by using this method:
<A HREF="http://abundantfun.com/">AOL users click here</A>
Change the http://abundantfun.com/ to the page you want to send by using the copy and paste method or type the page name on the end. You may insert your own text in place of the AOL users click here

Problem Using Email Form

This site uses TafMaster tell-a-friend Service
If you have a problem with the form when you email a page, there are optional ways to email. Since this is a third party service I have no control over any possible issues dealing with the TafMaster service.

For an alternate way to send cards, refer to the copy and paste, or sending with ICQ or Web TV instructions below.

How to Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste the Card Address into your Email
Highlight the text in your browser box of the greeting card you want to send. You do this by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the text. Then go to EDIT on the top menu bar and scroll down and click on COPY. Open your email. Put your cursor in the body portion of your email and go to EDIT again and click on the PASTE command. Shortcuts to these commands are Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.

How to send through ICQ

Send a Greeting Card with ICQ
Go to the page you want to send. Click on the name of the person receiving the greeting. Select Web Page Address (URL) from the menu. The URL should automatically be selected, if not use copy and paste. Select Send.

(Optional) Send to multiple people by selecting "More" on URL screen.

How to send through Web TV

Send a Greeting Card with Web TV
Press the Send button while viewing the greeting card. Enter the email of the recipient and select SEND PAGE. To add an additional message with the greeting, select EDIT MESSAGE. The recipient will receive an email with a link to the greeting card address.

Can't hear music

You will be able to enjoy midi music on the cards if your computer has an audio component (sound card) and speakers (with volume on) and are using a web browser that is configured to play MIDI music.

To listen to the MIDI music on these cards you may need to upgrade to the most current browsers as follows:
Netscape Navigator, available
Internet Explorer, available here

In addition to one of the above browsers you will also need a MIDI music plugin. The following free MIDI plugins are recommended:
Windows Media Player

The poem pages has a Midi-o-matic player that you can click on to choose your own song. This feature also lets you keep the player open while you browse other pages.